Photos: Sheela Mehrotra

Ensconced along the weathered facades of Rue de la Monnaie, large black doors frame a portal into a glorious view of a “once upon a time” 19th century Provence, painstakingly preserved, interpreted and reborn by Brigitte Pagés de Oliveira.

The doors are the entry to the Hotel Particulier in Arles, opening to a courtyard with a historic Romanesque limestone pool as its centerpiece, shaded by leaves of the same platane trees theBaron de Chartreuse cherished when he first made the property his home in 1824. Every morning guests are charmed by pristine garden views of a “picturesque” Provence in the courtyard, as it plays host to a silver service breakfast displaying locally sourced eggs, fruit and charcuterie and freshly prepared pastries. This serene garden setting is circumscribed by a spiral staircase with stonework, beautiful blooming flowers, urns, lemon trees, teek lounges and the main hotel building. 

The hotel is essential Provence. Built in a neo-classical style with sun-baked beige-grey walls and pastel blue window shutters, the mansion stands as a beautiful memento of refined Provençal life in the early 19th century. Inside, the dominant color is a luminous white, creating a perennial and dreamlike ambience. The white provides a perfect canvas for the balance of historical Provence and contemporary execution throughout the Hotel Particulier. Rooms and common spaces boast natural light thru portes-fenêtres or door-sized windows.  They have been expertly furnished with a combination of antique linen chairs and rugs, claw-footed bathtubs, lavish oversized beds, modern desks and accessories that all create an ethereal setting that is at once simple, functional, sophisticated, and inviting.

In the Hotel Particulier, Madame Pagés has established a uniquely contemporary interpretation of refined old-world Provencal style that is both exceptional and distinctly memorable. And it’s within these truly unique yet untouched serene surroundings that breath a new, romantic light on a collection yet to come.

Note: The charming, Neo-classic bar offers afternoon tea, local wines, aperitifs and occasional light pastry. Custom cocktails and champagnes are offered all day and candle-lit by night. The Hotel does not have a full service kitchen for dinner but is perfectly situated within a 2 min walk to cafes & many farm-to-table restaurants – all worthy of a Michelin star.