Photos: Sheela Mehrotra

Humility, Generosity and Commonality - "There is a very fluid dance of experiences in life and travel which we bring back to our work. We express the nature of our true influences through how we bridge the gap to the unfamiliar, and embrace it as it becomes a part of you."

Seeing the world through our own eyes, through travel and the dynamic prism of different cultures, without presumption and predisposition, brings authenticity to the fluid dance between our life experiences and our work. How we choose to navigate our path to embrace the unfamiliar, and master our creative lens to truly see these influences, determines how they become a part of you. Whether it’s food, fashion, film, or architecture – my journeys have helped shape my growth as an artist and thinker, pushed me creatively and brought many wonderful friends and opportunities into my life.

I love being in Dubai. I love her in a way that feels like home. I love the smell of her crisp salty beach air…
How the morning fog hallows a silence as it lingers along the ocean line hours before dawn.

How the golden morning light envelopes the coast, twinkling it’s way through fronds of palm trees scattered along the coast.

How people often greet you with their hand over their heart.

How the beautiful and forward-thinking spirit of the Emirati people is reflected in Dubai’s architecture, landscape and cultural graces.

How Dubai’s forms of art are so surprisingly rich and organic.

How the pride of artisans and their rich heritage shows humility and generosity.

Dear Dubai…

I felt as if I could spend years exploring you. Piecing together the many souls, lives and cultures combined to forge who you are now. You’re a trusted friend, a gentle reminder to live the life you choose, the way you choose it, and above all, to see beyond what’s before you and aspire to what you will become. I love that you will always be there waiting for me with arms and heart wide open, along with a world of endless possibilities. These moments are a circle, a connection and commonality we all own and share…from the hands of the people that created them, to the souls that carry them on. 

A few snapshots of my stay at: 

Jumeirah Al Qasr

Jumeirah Al Naseem

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah